Here are some of the projects I’ve done, either on my own or as the main person. There are plenty that I haven’t yet added, so please ask if you’d like to know whether I’ve got experience of a particular kind of work.

You can use the menu on the right to narrow the list down. Choose “Selected projects” to get a quick idea of what I do best.

Training speechwriters

I have designed and run three training courses for speechwriters at ABB’s headquarters in Zurich. As well as dealing with speechwriting techniques, these included role-playing exercises to help the speechwriters get good briefs from the executives they work with.

Writing articles for private-equity investors

I interview experts and do my own research to write articles for Pantheon’s investors. These have to make very complicated and often very abstract concepts interesting, readable and easy to understand, without investors feeling that they’re being talked down to. Like all thought-leadership, they have to show just how much the company knows, without giving(…)

Teaching a Guardian Masterclass on self-publishing

I designed and ran a weekend workshop called Self-publishing Step By Step, as part of the Guardian’s adult-education offshoot, Guardian Masterclasses. I took participants through the process of choosing a printer, pagesetting (using Adobe InDesign), designing a cover, learning how to describe their book, producing an ebook, and doing the essentials of marketing. These were all things(…)

Designing and running workshops for National Grid, here and in the US

I designed the course so that it’s organised around the three qualities that National Grid has chosen for its tone of voice: open, confident and visionary. I also made sure it incorporates the techniques I’ve developed that help people write more naturally and effectively. We ran several workshops in both countries and got great feedback(…)