Designing a giant outdoor boardgame

One of my favourite projects was to come up with a board game that the Department for International Development could use at festivals. They wanted it to work for kids of all ages, to be simple, to be educational and to be engaging and fun. The result was the Race Against Poverty, in which up to eight kids competed to win a voucher for their favourite charity. If they answered a multiple-choice question correctly, they spun a wheel to see how many spaces their piece moved around the track – but some of the squares were booby-trapped.

I came up with the rules and wrote the questions and the instructions for the volunteers running it. It went down very well.

Here’s a sample question:

What does DFID stand for?

a) Daft Fools In Dungarees

b) The Department For International Development

c) The Department of Foreign Interregional Delivery

d) The Department of Famine, Illness and Disaster

Animals2 Board

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