I help organisations – mostly companies – to get the results they want when they write.

Often, I do that by writing. I also design and run training and coaching. And sometimes companies ask me just to do the thinking bit, to give them advice.

It works because I think hard about what the world looks like from the reader’s point of view, and I know how to talk about complicated or touchy subjects while still sounding like a person. Which person? Well, that depends on my client’s personality – or brand, if you prefer to put it that way.

My experience

Here are a few things that I’ve done:

  • I’ve developed and run training courses for National Grid in the UK and US, using my own techniques to help them write with a more human, direct tone of voice.
  • I’ve written a blog post, published on the Harvard Business Review’s website, for a senior executive in one of the world’s biggest professional services companies. They’re now using it as a model.
  • I’ve come up with a campaign for a big consumer-products company (I’m afraid I can’t say which one) to help their employees talk about what the company does. It involved writing a short film script.
  • I’ve rewritten reports for the UN that had been put together by lots of different civil servants.
  • And I’ve written reports for private equity investors, explaining research, the economy, and how different parts of the industry work.

There are more on the Experience page.

My training techniques

I’ve invented techniques that quickly help people to write much better.  Who Do Know™ teaches people to start with the reader and to build up the content before thinking about style. Ticks and Squiggles™ and Four-question Feedback™ teach writers how to give each other honest, practical feedback.

They’ve now been licensed (non-exclusively) by Mary Gober International, one of the world’s most successful customer-service training companies.

My books

I’m the author of Writing for Business, published by Penguin, A Simple Guide to Email, published by Pearson Education, and The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax, published by my own company, Albatross. I’m represented by the literary agency Curtis Brown.



If you’d like to find out more about me, click the About link here or at the top of the page.

2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Ginger Fisher

    I am half way through The Perpetual and I am ‘constantly’, silently, guffawing….if that can be DONE, silently. That would probably be one of the things Jonathon would be ruminating as he completely missed his companion’s waiting for his reaction to said joke.
    I had to stop reading to get a bit of information about the quirky, convoluted mind that conceived this book. It’s a bit like my ADD mind. However; mine manifests itself in painting. My latest was titled, ‘Edgar and Albert’. Just a hint of a scruffy white mane with an elegant raven sitting atop.
    I hope you continue writing fiction and make loads of money. Then you will have free reign to sniff out more quirky plot lines to give your readers joy.

    1. shevlinorgadmin Post author

      Hello – and thanks very much for your hope, which I share. I’m glad to find it’s possible to silently guffaw, and your painting sounds like just the sort of thing I enjoy. This is my more corporate website, where I try to be less quirky and convoluted. I have a separate author website where I write about the fiction side of things: it’s over at christophershevlin.com.


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