I’ve been writing for a living since 2000, and running training and giving advice for almost as long. I’ve been working for myself since 2003. Before that, I worked full-time for Clarity, The Writing Experts. I still work through Clarity now, as well as Robert Taylor Communications and The Writer.

Before I got into writing, I worked at Andersen Consulting, where I designed and programmed (in Visual Basic) an application for managing their recruitment campaigns. It’s surprising how useful programming is for improving your writing. It forces you to look at everything from the computer’s point of view and to keep track of what it knows and what it doesn’t. And if you miss out a piece of punctuation or mistype something, the program won’t work.

I went to university at Royal Holloway, in Surrey, which is part of the University of London. I got a first-class BA in Media Arts, specialising in screenwriting, and I twice wrote and produced prize-winning short films for the University’s entry in the Fujifilm Scholarship Awards.

I live in Hackney, in east London, and I love cycling. One of my favourite things is cycling on a sunny day from my house to the London Library, where I do a lot of my writing.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask. I also have a blog on my creative and personal website, christophershevlin.com.

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